Sweden Yachts

Whenever we design a new yacht, we always strive to achieve the best possible sailing characteristics for a boat of that particular size.In this way, the Sweden Yachts carries on and embellishes the proud heritage of Sweden Yachts.

Every detail, from the shape of the hull to the design of the rig, works together as a harmonious whole, creating an unmatched yacht for serious sailing. Sail and rig handling have been simplified to minimise effort and add more pleasure to the whole sailing experience.

The cockpit is ergonomically designed, giving the helmsman a relaxed, well-balanced environment even under really tough conditions in open sea, hard weather sailing.

Malö Yachts

Malö remains true to Malö Yachts’ heritage and brings a host of new design features. The Malö will take you around the world in complete comfort and safety, due to the high quality components and materials we have selected and our renowned build quality.

Every aspect is solid and robust – made to withstand the challenges of long-distance sailing. Every detail has been considered, down to the stanchions, pulpit and pushpit, which are stronger and higher.

We have also incorporated just the right number of grab rails in just the right places, to move around safely both on deck and below.

CR Yachts

The all-new CR Yacht is designed and built for the demanding skipper. The modern hull lines provide good performance with great stability and is a joy to ride even in the toughest conditions.

The CR Yacht has a large cockpit with two steering wheel. That combined with the mainsheet track mounted on the coachroof makes it easy to move from the entrance back to the fold out a bathing platform.


The Bestevaer series from KM Yachtbuilders is not a custom yacht-like KM usually built, but more a production yacht. Certain items are fixed, such as dimensions of the yacht, position of the bulkheads, systems onboard, and the general layouts.

KM’s philosophy is that the Bestevaer Serie is a safe and comfortable yacht from aluminum, with a pilot house. On deck there is minimum paint work, no carbon mast and no teak deck. Equipped with a swimming platform, deep and long cockpit, integrated aluminium bollards and two watertight bulkheads.

The pilot house offers protection from wind and rain, but also ensures views all around through the windows so the watchman can always keep an eye out. But it is also a favorite spot to sit with a glass of wine at anchor or in harbor. Several interior layouts are possible per model

The Bestevaer 45 is the most popular model, but there is also a 49 and a 53 feet model available, for those looking for a larger yacht.

Vindö af Regina Yachts

We wanted to realize our dream of deck saloon yachts with unsurpassed quality and sailing performance. We wanted to create a new concept in the area of deck saloon sailing, a concept for the quality-conscious, for those who only want the best. We also wanted our boats to be built without the need for compromise, all in the same exclusive style. Round-the-world sailors, coastal cruisers, magnificent masterpieces down to the smallest detail.

Just as we want to create boats that sail well and are of high quality, we want to create boats for quality of life onboard. The journey should be as interesting and pleasurable as the final destination.

Our beautiful archipelago is overwhelming and full of contrast, surrounded by barren cliffs and stormy seas. Life on the sea in Bohuslän is as beautiful as it is dangerous. This is what has characterized the art of boat building in this area which has been handed down from generation to generation.


A robust and elegant daysailer with exquisite sailing characteristics and stability, that’s how you describe the DAY.M8. Classic lines above water level, combined with a new-fashioned hull form.

Easy to manage single-handed or in the company of your partner and friends. The method of construction together with the choice of material for fittings, rigging and accessories, ensure a high level of quality with little maintenance. These qualities make the DAY.M8 the perfect daysailer.

They make sure that you’re able to do what you came for; sailing on beautiful inland waters, close by and further away.

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