How much will my boat sell for and how quickly will it be sold?

These are the most common questions put to any professional yacht broker by their client. The truthful reply to these two questions is that there is no definite answer.

The value of a yacht is dictated by the market. The demand for the yacht in the market is affected by both internal and external factors. Internal factors include asking price, condition, location and marketing reach.

External factors include economic strength, political stability, currency exchange rates, changing social trends and, of course, the time of the year. We cannot influence these factors, but an important part of our job is to advice our clients on how to accommodate them to ensure that the listing remains competitive within the market and to ensure the best possible chance of securing a quick and efficient sale at the best possible price.

The Key To A Succesful Sale

In a challenging market, deciding which broker will handle the sale of your yacht is a key decision.

A lot is talked about commission rates which becomes only relevant once a buyer is found. If the yacht remains unsold, a favorable commission rate is irrelevant.

At YachtFull, we aim to provide a thorough, practical and efficient service for yacht sales. Yacht buyers have access to an enormous amount of choice and your yacht needs to stand out in terms of information available and pictorial content. It is essential to work with professional photo and video material to show yachts to their best advantage. We will create a walk-through video of your yacht showing the features within each cabin and on deck. This enables the prospective purchaser to view the layout and gives them a general overview before making an inspection.

Not only is your yacht marketed on our website, but we also list it on the top websites in the industry and social media advertising to make sure your boat for sale goes viral! All particulars are kept up to date in real time.

We consider that the sale of your yacht is a voyage that we undertake with you as the owner. We will therefore be in touch regularly to update you on where we have got to with the sale, to discuss market conditions with you and to assess how she is being received in the market. In this way you are in a position to make an informed decision when an offer is made on your yacht.

We prefer to do the job thoroughly and charge a proper commission rather than charge less, and reduce the level of service offered. In our view, in an ever-changing market it is important to have every weapon possible available in your sales armory.


Let us guide you for a smooth and trouble-free purchase

A purchase broker is not just someone who is able to talk about boats, he is able to talk about the legal aspects involved, the values, when it is good to buy and sell according to depreciation.

It is important for a new built boat that you will find a Shipyard who understands your vision, lifestyle and what your hopes are for your new yacht. Even if you have a distinct dream or vision for your new yacht, chances are that the builder you employ may not quite understand it. Remember, even if you buy a brand-new yacht, built for you from scratch, you still may not get the boat that has everything, but make sure you get the yacht you really want.

From finding the perfect yacht, to handling the offer, let us guide you for a smooth and trouble-free purchase. Buying a yacht can be a complex matter that involves dealing with regulations, finding a berth, registering the boat, arranging viewing, making an accurate valuation, negotiations with respect to price and conditions.

We will be very happy to supervise and assist in purchase support.

Official Valuation Report

More than just watch the game and call it a value.

Joeri Saly from is authorised to supply an official valuation report as Full registered | certified EMCI yachtbroker & appraiser ®.

An appraisal is an important document. Finance and insurance are partly based on the valuations. Also in other matters valuations are important, for example in divorce, settlement of estates and business issues.

We are able to tailor the valuation to suit your particular requirements and desk top valuations. We can also arrnage for a more in depth valuation with a visit to the yacht prices are by quotation depending on the vessels location and report type required.

Please go to our Contact page to email us for a quotation.

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